Mary's Vacation Cottage
Alba Islands


Rent for 6 weeks and get an additional week added for FREE!

Offer only applies to vacant dwellings.


Mary's Cottage Vacation Home

This home offers commanding views of the waterfall that runs down into the lower loch and provides its owner with beautiful Views that you can enjoy from its very garden. This prime location is definitely worth a visit if home-hunting.

  • A slimline house phone is provided which communicates through the NBS Norphone directory across the SL grid.
  • Xancast Radio allows you to select your own music choice.
  • Security Provided, allowing you to switch on/off or add/remove friends or guests.
  • The grounds of the house have a splendid amount of foliage and flowers, not to mention an abundance of pine trees and beach. As with all of our Little Robin Cottages the grounds are maintained by the Estate grounds staff and subject to seasonal changes.
  • Furnished Vacation home (The furniture in this home cannot be returned)

80 Prims

Rental Price per Week

499 L$

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