About us

A message from the owner

"I try to give people the best, because I only want the best for people. I expect high standards from myself as nothing less is accepted.

On May 26 2007, Alba rose from the seas and became my first ever region. From then on I was determined to only create the best places to live for other Second Life Avatars and soon the Estate grew by demand. With my own constantly growing skills and with other great builders in Second life I was able to fulfil my dream of providing something spectacular.

I don’t have sand flats or green flat boring lands, although there is nothing wrong with this type of land at all!  In fact I lived on a few myself and would not be were I am today if I had not bought my first sand flat. I have landscaped the Alba regions to what I believe to be an exceptional standard and frequently seek advice from others on improvements. Nothing will do but the best. I take my time in choosing the right items to fit the theme of the land which is based on the west coast of Scotland where I holiday every year. The lands are not left unattended and barren looking. All four Regions of the Alba Estate are kept in tip-top condition at all times with all aspects ranging from foliage, terrain, waves, homes, wildlife and so forth being updated on a very regular basis. Especially

as the entire Estate follows the seasons!

If you have been to the Alba regions and either seen or talked with me, then you may have noticed that I am not a pushy sales person. In fact I tend to let the homes I offer speak for themselves and it's not often to see one empty for long. I am confident that you will always rent where you feel comfortable and content.

Should you have any questions then you can always contact me in-world or via the support page on this website. I always give my full attendance to our home owners and future ones. I take great pleasure in helping wherever I can, from the small things to the big. If I can keep you content, happy and ensure your comforts here then I'm happy too".

Best regards,