Tier and Rental Fee's

Linden Labs charge the region owner a fee and in turn the owner charges people (Avatars) that want to use the land on the region that they own.

We have a variety of options that may suit you and depends on the parcel or plot that you are interested in:

Rental plots

These are plots of land with buildings and foliage etc that have rental boxes on them. You pay the rental box the first month’s rental fee and then again every 28 days  Please note that rents vary and are based on location, not price-per-prim.

Lease plots

Lease plots are generally empty apart from a few trees and a building footprint. Buying the land for a 1 week fee secures the plot in your name until the region owner is able to come online. The region owner will then refund that fee and take you to your  lease box where you can then make your monthly payment. You are also then invited to the relevant group which allows you to build on your newly leased plot. The same fee is then paid every 28 days.

Paying by proxy – If unable to get in-world, another person can pay your rental or lease box on your behalf.

Overdue Payment – Rental and Lease boxes will automatically message you 2 days prior to the end of the 28 days and will automatically warn you of pending evictions.

Refunds & Transfers – Fees are not refundable or transferable.

Payment Using L$

The standard method of paying for Rentals and Leased Land inworld is via a rental box at the property.

Payment Using Pay Pal or Credit Card

Due to linden labs taking this option away from third party vendors we can no longer offer this option via the rental box – date 1st August 2015. This only applies to rental boxes.

Payment For Leased Land

Use these buttons to make a monthly subscription for your leased land tier fee.

Lease land owners ONLY have an option of using PayPal subscriptions. Click this link   Pay Pal  to go to our subscriptions sub page.

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