Lock Keepers Cottage
Alba Islands


Rent for 6 weeks and get an additional week added for FREE!

Offer only applies to vacant dwellings.


Lock Keepers Cottage

A uniquely positioned home that has a history in Alba and has taken two years to be added to our existing housing stock.

  • Conveniently situated adjacent to Castle View House and with a commanding view of Tioram Castle, the Lock Keeper’s Cottage has been fully restored to a high standard and is westerly facing for those glorious sunsets.
  • Comprising a  good sized living space with separate bathroom, this home is perfect for either single or shared occupancy and is fully furnished.
  • A low maintenance garden to the front and side allow you to sit comfortably and watch the world pass by. Or, wander along the beaches to the front.
  • Access to Castle View House & Restaurant is guaranteed for the duration of your rental.
  • Like our other homes in Alba, this one is wholly unique and has a history. It was marked for refurbishment in mid 2016 and finally added back into our housing stock in Oct 2018.
  • This home is provided with its own grid-wide telephone connection (NorthBridge Systems). Additional details and instructions are provided upon rental.
  • Security Provided, allowing you to switch on/off or add friends or guests.
  • Xancast Radio allows you to select your own music choice.
  • The grounds of the house have a perfect amount of foliage and flowers already positioned and, as with all of our Little Robin Cottages the grounds are maintained by the Estate grounds staff and subject to seasonal changes.

250 Prims

Rental Price per Week - 560 L$

(4 week minimum)

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