Alba Islands

17 Years.

Since 16,05,2007 our Estate has been providing high quality rental homes and land to Second Life residents.

You don’t even need a premium account, just a free basic one to be able to rent somewhere you can call home.

We are a quiet, civilized community and very proud to say we run our regions to an exceptional standard.

Our wonderfully peaceful, fully landscaped and romantic mountain regions are perfect for living your Second Life.

We welcome everyone to our islands regardless of gender, preference, or whether you are single, a couple or a family. 

Points to help make your decision:

  • We take pride knowing that some residents have been with us for years.
  • We never duplicate the home you are using elsewhere in the Estate.
  • Have your own home that you would rather use? We will work with you to try and make it possible.
  • All of our Homes have water access that everyone is free to use.
  • All Alba residents gain free access to our exclusive Castle View House & Restaurant.
  • We provide some of the very best landscaped parcels with ocean or river views too.
  • The Estate is subject to seasonal changes and currently we are in Early Spring.

At the very least, why not stop by the village square in Alba to see whether we're right for you and to see what's available?

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